Wabi Whiffs

Be the BOSS of your No. 2


Don't Worry Poo Happy

We all POO, some more than others and some more stinky BUTT, that doesn't mean we can't POO happy!

POO Anxiety

Wabi Whiffs Fizzing Toilet Sprinkles, Love Bombs, & Toot Sprays were created by sisters Debi & Donna because of Debi's relentless gut health issues and POO anxiety that hindered her normally social spirit.

It's Scientific!

Inspired by their favorite science experiment, the "exploding volcano", the sisters used the effervescing lava concept to spread the natural essential oils over the toilet water to propel the fragrance quickly.

Have Some Fun

Wanting to make an unpleasant experience fun, the sisters added cosmetic grade color & biodegradable glitter to ensure everyone can POO happy and rescue those too shy to POO.

Who Does No. 2 Work For?

Innovative, fun, septic safe, tiny but mighty odor eliminators keep you the BOSS of your No. 2 so you can rein proudly over your throne privately, even in shared spaces.

Step 1:

Drop or sprinkle Wabi Whiffs Fizzing Sprinkles or Love Bombs into toilet water. Upon contact, the effervescing blend of essential oils instantly form a fragrant film on top creating the dome of protection. Don't wait for them to dissolve, JUST GO!

Step 2:

The dome of protection traps the odors from your BADASS and releases beautiful fragrant aromas that eliminate the stench of POO!

Step 3:

There is no touching the seat, no leaking of product, no spraying the toilet water or getting it on your hands. When done, everyone will think you just pooped a flower garden!

Adios Poo-cha-chose

Debi & Donna have said goodbye to years of lighting matches and courtesy flushing. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!

Embrace your BADASS!

So, love your BADASS, be good to it even when it's naughty.  After all, your BADASS can't always be perfect but Wabi Whiffs makes it easier to embrace the imperfections!

Community Outreach

Loving your BADASS is empowering.  It's about being fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical.  Wabi Whiffs doesn't just partner with organizations that fight for good, they also do the work themselves by providing hope & support for those battling breast cancer, kidney disease, gender inequality and bias.

How Can Wabi Whiffs Help?

Whether it be their famous Wabi Whiffs Toilet Sprinkles, eyelashes, wigs, warm socks, chocolate, food deliveries, hospital visits and laughter, they believe in being on the front lines and asking how they can help.

More Than Just Humans

The support doesn't stop with people but through strides extended to animals as well.  Without their furry babies Gracie & Daisy, their treasured Samoyeds, they know their darkest days and nights would never have been filled with so much light.