Lantern Press

Lantern Press connects people to their memorable experiences through high-quality keepsakes and gifts.


Eye-Catching Images

Lantern Press is a dynamic art company that specializes in the world's leading imagery.

A Variety of Art Sources & Styles

Their catalog includes original artwork designed by their Creative Team, modern photography, vintage posters, and everything in-between.  

Expansive Image Library

Their expansive art catalog means they have the perfect images to meet your needs – from cityscapes and attractions to national parks and the boardwalks of the East Coast.

A Style for Every Taste

Whether you have a taste for vintage or want something more modern – Lantern Press has got you covered with their wide variety of art styles!

Customizable Art Makes them Unique

Having an image representing your location can make a lasting impact on your customers and provides a keepsake to remember their experience.  

A Simple Process

Select an image from their catalog and add your location name or use one of their multiple customization options to create a piece of art or product line tailored just for you.  

Handcrafted Domestic Production & Quality Products

The Lantern Press production department handcrafts every item for you.  This commitment to quality and craftsmanship shows in the products they make.  

A Hands On Approach

To support their local economy and ensure the highest quality possible, Lantern Press built their own production facility in Seattle, Washington, allowing them to provide print-on-demand products when you need them.  

Packed With Pride

Their passion for quality shines through in each of the 10,000 products they print every day.  At Lantern Press, they make sure everything that gets packed into your order, is something they are proud to send your way.