Up with Paper

The original pop-up greeting card company since 1977.


Humble Beginnings

Their story began in 1978 when a humble stage designer translated his set concepts into miniature paper formats to share with prospective clients. Charmed with the results, he moved away from theater and instead opened PopShots, Inc., the origin of Up With Paper. While the first release consisted of six painstakingly designed cards per year, advancements have allowed them to release multiple categories of cards per season—but the original fondness of paper and attention to craft still remain.

More Than Just a Card

One word sums up the feeling you get when opening an Up with Paper greeting card, WOW!  The incredible detail and fantastical imagery give Up with Paper a sending and receiving experience like no other!

Sensational Seasonal

Their guaranteed seasonal card program gives retailers the flexibility to be able to return the unsold cards for credit toward the next season while offering little risk for big rewards.


Since their first card line launched over four decades ago, Up with Paper has continued to raise the bar to create new and exciting features.  3D snow-globes, sticky notes, enclosures, and books have joined the mix of the amazing offerings from Up with Paper.

Award Winning

Up With Paper has been recognized for developing outstanding pop-up greeting cards, winning numerous Greeting Card Association’s coveted LOUIE Awards honoring design excellence. Our pop-up books, published under Jumping Jack Press, have received numerous Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Bringing People Closer Together

Up With Paper is all about bringing people closer together via playful correspondence. Their designers delight in the small details that make their products pop. They have integrated pull-tabs, push-button light effects, and sound clips into many of their pop-up greeting card lines. Their pop-up books are filled with hidden lift flaps and facts to delight and inspire wonder in our readers.