Monague Native Crafts

Monague Native crafts encompasses the creations of Sandi Monague Roy, a registered band member of the Beausoleil First Nations (Ojibway) of Ontario. She combines the traditional teachings with her more contemporary experiences to offer a unique presentation of their interpretations.


Humble Beginnings

Well over a quarter of a century ago, you may have met Sandi traveling and living out of her van with her five daughters selling her handicrafts across the Pow Wow trail in North America. Being able to support her girls, to live freely, and be self-sufficient was always the driving force that kept her ever striving to succeed.

The Legend

One of the most beautiful stories in Native American Mythology is the legend of the dreamcatcher.

It was once said that there are good dreams and negative dreams in the night air. The good dreams go through the loop - its center is woven in a web-like pattern - into the one sleeping, while the negative dreams become hopelessly tangled in the web where they perish at the very first light of dawn.


The delicate, intricate, and beautiful dreamcatchers are handwoven by a talented team of artisans.  Many of the styles include semi-precious stones and beads that have been woven into their web creations.  Dream catcher jewelry comes in a variety of collections. The sea glass and birthstone collections are among the best sellers.  MNC has also created an amazing array of hanging dreamcatchers ranging from simple and petite to show-stopping works of art.