Cape Shore

Unique ornaments, gifts, and souvenirs


Creating Memories

Cape Shore is a family run company specializing in regional souvenirs for destinations across the country.  Whether you are near the mountains, desert, lakeside or coast, Cape Shore has products created to meet your needs.  Vacation memories keep us going through our hectic workdays and Cape Shore is dedicated to helping us remember great adventures/experiences for years to come.  While they specialize in ornaments & mugs, they truly make a little something for everyone.  

To Name Drop or Not to Name Drop, That is the Question

Putting your town, state, resort name or even your store name on Cape Shore products is a great idea!  Most of the items they create are designed to have a handwritten or machine stamped message added at no additional charge.  Putting your town, state or store name on products, is a great way to elevate the things you sell and differentiate your store from other shops in the area.  We have a proven track record showing that name dropped products outsell similar items without personalization.  The messages are added in Yarmouth, Maine by a group of dedicated individuals who have worked at Cape Shore for many years.

Choosing the Namedrop Style

Both forms of name drop are great and many times it comes down to personal preference, Machine printing is more uniform & holds up better with normal use.  Hand lettering looks more natural and homemade, which may differ from product to product.  Hand lettering allows you to purchase just 6-12 pieces, whereas machine printing requires a 72 assorted piece minimum within a category.