R S Covenant

Jewelry Guaranteed For Life


Superior Quality

The team at R. S. Covenant is so confident in the quality of their jewelry, they don’t think you’ll find a better ring for less money anywhere you look. Selling jewelry for 30 years has allowed the company to spend a lot of time improving their quality. Their workmanship is so far beyond the typical product offered in this category that many find it difficult to believe that the jewelry is not real. What makes Covenant so different? True beauty lies below the surface, so that’s where they begin. You see the difference in the finished product.

First Impressions First

Each stone is hand set, with most being prong set in the same manner as fine jewelry. You will rarely find glue in Covenant jewelry, but when you do, you can rest assured that steps have been taken to ensure that the finest materials have been used to produce the best results.

Exquisite Stones

Only genuine Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski crystal are used to represent the diamond-like styles. Genuine stones such as tiger eye, onyx, opal, garnet, amethyst and sometimes ruby, sapphire, or emerald, are also used.

Beneath the Surface

The finish is the most important part of any piece of fine costume jewelry. Covenant jewelry has the best finish that money can buy.  They are the only factory that inspects each piece during the plating process and at each step thereafter. Each piece of jewelry is re-inspected to be sure the surface has no flaws. Any defects found are sent back to polishing before going back to plating.

Precious Metals

Their silver jewelry is made using sterling silver. After polishing, the rings are electroplated with a layer of rhodium, which gives them the look of white gold or platinum and eliminates tarnishing.

Dramatic Results

The results are dramatic. Take a close look at each piece and you will see the quality reflected. Their jewelry truly looks real!

The Right Home

The success of R. S. Covenant's jewelry programs rely heavily on their displays. Each display is crafted with two key features in mind.

Creating an attractive showcase that grabs the customers attention and allows them to easily see the beauty of the styles, while also keeping the jewelry safe.

Additional Opportunities

While ring programs are the bread and butter for R. S. Covenant, their carded jewelry programs sell equally well and are a great way to create an additional sale. There are many popular themes and types of jewelry to choose from.

Lifetime Guarantee

R. S. Covenant offers a lifetime guarantee to the end consumer. Simply have the customer contact customer service and they will be given instructions to have their piece of jewelry replaced.