Uniquely iridescent jewelry handcrafted in San Diego, California


Developing His Craft

David Leight began his formal glass art training in 1999 when he attended the Pilchuk glass school founded by Dale Chihuly. While studying the art of shaping and polishing glass, David developed a unique style of cutting glass derived from his experience working with crystal and his observations of ice formations. These new techniques enhanced the light in his creations and thus began his sculpting career.

The Big Break

While attending college David began evolving his style and showing his work in west coast galleries. After graduating in 2004, David attended Pilchuk again and continued improving his sculpture techniques. His style was becoming more detailed and precise. Shortly thereafter, David got his big break. The founders of Google commissioned him to construct a five foot glass sculpture of the Google logo in his unique style. This enabled him to move to San Diego and open a studio.

Lightbulb Moment

Once in San Diego, David began focusing on smaller sculptures such as candle holders and paperweights. At a farmers market in May 2005, a young lady asked David to transform one of the custom paperweights into a pendant and when she put it on, David had a lightbulb moment. From then on he evolved his signature techniques into the creation of his LeightWorks.

The Process

Using original techniques, each piece of fine optic glass and natural quartz crystal is hand cut and layered inside with precious metals to produce the iridescent glow of color from within.

Different blends of precious metals are cold-fused inside the piece with UV light to produce the different colors. NASA developed this technology for the heat shields on the space shuttles.

The pieces are frost or polish finished, then completed by handcrafting sterling silver and/or gold designs around the glass.

All pieces are custom shaped to enhance the light and color bringing style, simple elegance, and an eye-catching quality to all who wear them.

The pieces constantly glow and change color depending on the amount of light around the piece, skin tones, movement and color of your clothing.

Where in the World?

David's award winning jewelry is now sold throughout the world in museums, galleries, airports, casinos, cruise ships, specialty gift shops and many other retail locations. LeightWorks has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS and KUSI.

Everyday Wear

LeightWorks prides itself on making colorful crystal jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also durable and waterproof. They create jewelry that can withstand daily wear so it will last forever. The more you wear it, the more compliments you will receive.