Down to Earth Pottery

Handcrafted pottery made in the USA.


Uniquely Handmade

Each piece of pottery that Down to Earth creates is hand thrown in Colorado, by a talented team of potters, then expertly glazed by hand and high fired.  Unlike factory-produced pottery, each creation is unique, varying slightly in color, shape, and size making each one a true work of art.

Recycled glass is melted down to create layers of iridescent hues within the center of each piece.  This eco-friendly feature gives one more reason Down to Earth is so successful.  

Wide Appeal

Down to Earth Pottery sells well in a variety of stores and regions.  Their colorful pallet reflects shades of earth, sea, and sky making them a great fit for retailers in every region, from the coast to the mountains and desert.  Their Artisan, Icon, and Little Dishes lend themselves perfectly to stores selling jewelry. Place them next to an earring display to encourage an easy add-on sale.  Wineries and upscale grocery are also remarkably successful with Down to Earth. Pillar holders and Artisan Dishes make great trivets for wine bottles and add an artistic touch to any table.

Being 100% handmade in the USA using recycled glass, are also important features of their popularity.

Recycled Glass is Used To Create Layers of Color

Proven Track Record

Little Dishes have a long history in the NEST line package.  These tiny wonders have consistently been the #1 reordered item out of the many vendors NEST has the privilege to represent for 11 years and counting.  Believe it or not, NEST has sold nearly 3.5 million of these little gems to date and sales have no sign of slowing.  With low opening orders and stellar sales figures, retailers can feel confident in ordering Down to Earth Pottery.