Myra Bag

By consistently curating their look and style each season, Myra Bag has quickly become one of the leading brands in the gift & boutique market.



Designing & manufacturing in-house, allows Myra to provide a higher quality product at a much lower price than their competitors. Their artisan handbags are crafted with a combination of canvas, leather & cowhide. They are the centerpiece of Myra’s offering and the cornerstone of the brand. Each handcrafted bag has slight variations making each one as unique as the person who will ultimately own it.

Trend Setting Apparel

Myra has gone to great lengths to create an apparel line that is on trend. Boho-chic patterns with tiered, ruffled & embroidered details are perfectly complimented by their skirts, shorts, and pants.

Bedazzled on a Budget

Myra jewelry is the perfect compliment to Myra Bags and apparel. They have a great range of eclectic styles to compliment their collections. Extreme value pricing gives this part of the Myra brand a huge opportunity for increased margins.

Head to Toe

Myra has tapped into the wonderful world of footwear. Their styles are undeniably Myra but follow the current trends of may established footwear designers. Now Myra fans can dress head to toe in their fabulous creations!

New Additions

The addition of wallets came after many customer requests.  Sales have not disappointed as Myra wallets have quickly become a top selling category and with each season, the collection continues to expand. Attention to detail & quality makes Myra wallets the perfect addition to their product line. Crossbody wallets, wristlets, credit card organizers, and ID holders round out the offering and put the perfect, finishing touch on Myra’s collections.