Mona B

Mona B.

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Recycled Canvas, Vintage Bags 
From Mona B. are Hot, Hot, Hot! 

Mona B.


  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Recycled Canvas
  • Burlap Handbags
  • Luggage Canvas and Leather mix  Travel Overnighters 
  • Accessories

Mona B.
Let your free spirit guide you.
Explore where vintage meets street style.
Instagram: @monab_1

Mona B, represents more than just a line of products. They represent a life-style. MonaB. stands for free-spirited and adventurous women everywhere. Those wanting to make a difference in the world, both stylistically and environmentally. 

Mona B. believes in improving the world and our closets and homes simultaneously. We recycle, reuse, upcycle, all while helping you look and feel your best! So join us in our daily venture of exploring where vintage meets street style! 

Awards Gift Beat Magazine Top Buzz Item

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