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Cape Shore is a wholesale souvenir business. We take lots of fun research trips around the country each year to come up with innovative products that will make our customers smile and ease right back into their vacation happy place. we understand that souvenirs are more than just little knick-knacks., they're happy reminders of why it's so important to unplug from daily life and embark on a journey. So whether it's a mug, a holiday ornament, or a humourous cocktail napkin, it's always our goal to help our customers turn their vacation mementos into memories.
Cape Shore is a company focused on conceiving, designing and selling souvenirs and gifts to retailers across the U.S. and has products specifically made for the Rocky Mountain region! 

Contact your New Era Rep for Best Sellers and trending regional product!   

We understand that souvenirs are more than just little knick-knacks, they’re happy reminders of why it’s so important to unplug from daily life and embark on a journey. So, whether it’s a mug, a holiday ornament, or a humorous cocktail napkin, it’s always our goal to help your customers turn their vacation moments into memories.  

Your New Era Sales Team and the Cape Shore team is excited to help out with merchandising ideas, regional and popular product suggestions, and just in general if you want to pop in for coffee and chat about a new idea. We are family and we love to collaborate. 

Here’s to a fabulous 2016! 

Sara & Mike


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Visa/MC/Amex/Net30  (OAC) 

Yarmouth, ME
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