World's Softest Socks

Literally the World's Softest Socks!


Simple Beginnings

Crescent Sock Company is the home of the World's Softest® Socks. Like most, they are very proud of their family and would love to share a little history with you! Crescent Sock Co was founded in Niota, TN in 1902 by James L. Burn and continues operations today with his great-granddaughters at the helm. The company is nestled in the hills of Southeast TN, where the conversations are long, and the tea is sweet!

All in the Family

World's Softest Socks is an American company. They watch kids play baseball across the road, listen to the trains rumble down the tracks, and they've been known to drag out the grills and cook up some burgers in the summer. They are family! The company founders are not the only family at World's Softest. Some of their employees are working with siblings, parents, grandparents, and cousins. At the end of the day, they are all family because that is how they all treat one another!  

American Quality

World's Softest® Classic, Sensitive, Knit Pickin' and 1902 Collections are proudly made in Niota, Tennessee. They stand behind the quality of every single one of their products. By purchasing from World's Softest, you are supporting American workers and local economies across the US.

Men Need Socks Too!

Let's not forget the gentlemen folk in our lives and their need for cozy fashionable feet! World's Softest has created their 1902 collection to cater to manly men who want to kick up their heals!

Febb's Boutique by World's Softest Socks

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