Redemption Road Coffee

Coffee For The Soul


Aaron & Jessica Harsch - Founders

Redemption Road Coffee is a small batch specialty coffee roaster in Mead, Colorado. Their focus is on great quality, fresh roasted coffee that supports causes locally and globally.

A Little History

Aaron Harsch began roasting his own coffee in a whirly-pop crank-handle popcorn maker in 2010. As he researched and experimented, he began to perfect his roast creating a smooth, flavorful coffee. Friends would say “You make a great coffee!" and he and his wife, Jessica, would give their coffee as Christmas gifts. The Harsch’s home-roasted coffee was well-loved.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

In the fall of 2015, Aaron and Jessica decided it was time to take their hobby to the next level and Redemption Road Coffee was born. Not only would this coffee support their own family but it would also support the Harsch family's mission to help people live more authentically both emotionally and spiritually.

Coffee With A Cause

Redemption Road Coffee also helps support the non-profit founded by Aaron & Jessica that shares the same name. Redemption Road runs groups and weekend intensives that help men learn how to live in freedom.

International Aide

Aaron & Jessica also saw that they could support international families and communities from whom they sourced their coffees. This is why the descriptions on their coffees are so long. They want you to know the whole story. They want you to know about the people who hand-picked the coffee cherries, and how they are using the profits in their communities.

Making A Difference

When you buy a freshly roasted bag of Redemption Road Coffee, you’re not just buying good coffee…You're supporting a cause. You're supporting individual hardworking families all across the globe. You're supporting the Harsch family in their mission to help people. You're joining a community of people with the desire and vision to make the world a better place.


The farm in Uganda has agricultural training, gender equality training, sustainable farming training, and they join the fight against child labor by giving financial means to provide for each family


Jorge and his wife Vanessa employ 30 full time employees and 120 pickers each season at their farm called Tierra de Leyendes, which translates to Land of Legends.


The farms in Malawi that Redemption Road buys from are in the north of the country around the city of Mzuzu. The co-op they work with is called Mzuzu Coffee. It is a democratic and empowered collection of farmers. They provide their workers with free health care and education as well as free housing for widows and orphans. They have 3,000 members, 25% of whom are women.