Raven's Nest

The Gift of Gourmet


Second Generation Woman Owned

Raven's Nest was founded in 1980 by their matriarch, Raven, and for the past twelve years her legacy has been carried on by her oldest daughter, Monica.

A Rich History

For 40 years Raven's Nest has been creating and sharing unique, artisan jams, salsas, fruit butters, and spices.

Artistry & Love

Every item in the collection is rooted in Raven’s artistry, love of good food, creativity, and ability to innovate and adapt in both times of plenty and times of want.

Not Just For Biscuits!

"Sweet with a little heat" jams are a modern twist on a time-honored favorite.  Thoughtfully sourced fruits are blended with a medley of peppers to create a perfect marriage of sweet + heat. Known for their versatile uses, from refreshing cocktails and charcuterie boards, to marinades and glazes for grilling, Raven's Nest jams are simply too good for just biscuits! Jams are all natural and gluten & preservative free.

Award Winning Mulling Spices

Since 1990, Raven's Nest award-winning Mulling Spices have been an integral part of holiday traditions in homes across the United States. A delicious and aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange and lemon makes every sip taste like a memory. Traditionally used for creating hot spiced cider or mulled wine, Raven's Nest Mulling Spices can also be incorporated into baked goods and seasonal cocktails.

A Pantry Staple

Versatile and flavorful, Raven's Nest Mulling Spices are a staple of the modern pantry.

A Versatile Party Guest

Raven's Nest Garden Party Mix is a gourmet blend of the freshest herbs, spices & vegetables. The creative possibilities are endless. One package makes a savory dip or two cheese balls. You can add crushed pineapple to the cheese ball recipe for a sweet & savory flavor. Also versatile enough to add to meatloaf or season pot roast for a delicious dinner. Garden Party Mix is all natural, and gluten & preservative free.

Rich Fruit Butters

Cram-packed with flavor, Raven's Nest fruit butters are made in small batches and simmered to perfection. Fruit butters make an amazing topping for biscuits, toast, pancakes, waffles & fresh pastries. They are also incredible addition to baked goods like cakes & muffins. Raven's Nest fruit butters are all natural, preservative & gluten free, and made only from the finest ingredients.

Chili Grande

Raven's Nest Chili Grande mix has full-bodied flavor and all-natural spices. Their ingredients are of the highest grade and are gluten & MSG free. One package will make 5 quarts or can be used in a number of other great recipes.

A Culinary Adventure

Home chefs will delight in the versatility of Raven's Nest salsas. Their unique flavors make them a great go to for the culinary adventurist.

Turn any dish into an exciting new favorite with Raven's Nest signature salsas. Made in small batches with only the freshest ingredients, their salsa is all natural, gluten & preservative free. Simply serve with tortilla chips or add as a topping to your favorite fish, chicken or pork.