Primitives by Kathy

PBK creates products that are ahead-of-the trend, uniquely designed, and constantly evolving.


Humble Beginnings

Like all great ideas, Kathy's started with a challenge – trying to find unique products for her paint studio and retail store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Inspired by her desire for unique and creative items to fill her shelves, Kathy literally took matters into her own hands and handmade the first "primitive candle box" in 1997.  Within 20 years, Primitives by Kathy grew from 1 product to over 8,000 with a team of over 150 talented and passionate industry experts – and is ranked as one of the top 25 fastest-growing women-owned businesses in the world.


PBK creates products that are ahead-of-the trend, uniquely designed, and constantly evolving. They embrace the unexpected, set the trends, and challenge themselves to create décor and memorable and one-of-a-kind gifts.  They believe that combining the perfect sentiment and fresh design never goes out of style.

Giving Back

True success for Kathy is giving back to the community. Because of this, Kathy makes giving part of the corporate strategy, creating products that not only look good but do good. Their Benefit collection – has raised over a quarter-million dollars for various organizations. In 2018 the company celebrated the official formation of Kathy's Circle of Friends as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, providing social opportunities through themed events for adults with varying abilities. They also partnered with the Friendship Heart Gallery to create a collection of beautiful artwork created by the artists at the gallery with autism and disabilities to contribute to the gallery's success and showcase the incredible work by the artists. These partnerships have truly illustrated how Primitives by Kathy combines a passion for creativity with a culture of caring.

To this day, Kathy Phillips remains at the helm, driving the company with innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and artistic vision.

It might seem like quite the story – but we can assure you, it is only the beginning.