Mariasch Studios

Mariasch Studios is a woman-owned business featuring unique gifts and accessories made in the USA


Meet the Artist!

Since 1990 artist, designer, and owner Catherine Mariasch has created uniquely inspired products that emanate from her classical training as an academic figurative artist combined with her European style and great sense of humor.

Creating Collections

Each product that Mariasch Studios creates is freshly handmade in Catherine's New York studio.  100% cotton dishtowels are by far the most popular of their product offering.  Designs pertinent to today's trending themes and seasons are available on every item in the line.  Choosing a design from their extensive library is the first step to building a collection for your store.  Starting with dishtowels and adding coasters, aprons, trivets, and wine bags to round out your offering allows the opportunity for multiple purchases within the display.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Local customization is also a key element in the continued growth of the Mariasch brand.  The designs they offer are perfect for celebrating the growing trend of "Hometown Pride."  Many styles are explicitly designed to feature your town or store name, but any design can be custom name-dropped to meet your specific needs with very low minimums.