Gift Wrap Co.

Helping you make every gift as impressive on the outside as it is on the inside.


Longevity in the Market

Founded in 1903, The Gift Wrap Company is the oldest established gift wrap manufacturer in the USA. Over the past 100+ years, The Gift Wrap Company has grown and expanded to become a significant manufacturing and design resource.

Inspired Gift Giving

The Gift Wrap Co. makes giving gifts almost as enjoyable as receiving them – because, what’s more fun than presents, right? By injecting a heavy dose of style and charm into their collections, they make sure everything they create is packed full of color and character.

Merchandising Solutions

Their fixtures and instore wrap solutions are designed to make your store stand out above the competition. At The Gift Wrap Co., they believe that finishing touches can make any celebration or occasion feel extra special, so they always keep an eye on the details. Everything from the most petite bow to the most prominent display is thoughtfully designed.