Frost Buddy

Taking cold drinks to a whole new level!


The First Spark

While home from college during the Christmas break in 2020, Brock and Mitch were sitting on the back deck chatting about trends and the popularity of slim can beverage brands. The pair started wondering whether anyone had a slim can cooler out there. Brock called on his connections in the manufacturing world and within a week, they had a prototype.

Lightbulb Moment

Brock began the quest to find ways to market and sell the new product.  After giving social media sales a try, it became clear that the slim can market already had some stiff competition so the pair came up with a concept that would propel their coolers to the top of the pack.  They went back to their manufacturing partner with the idea of creating a universal cooler that could be used on the most popular sizes of cans and bottles and voila, the Universal Buddy was born!  


Brock and Mitch took the first prototypes to the beach that summer and the mind-blowing reactions of their friends told them they had a home run.  They placed an order for their first 3,000 Universal Buddies and went back to social media to begin their marketing efforts.  

That's What Friends Are For!

A trip to the lake with friends was the perfect way to get photos and videos they could use on social media.  After hours of editing, Brock put the videos to the test and could not believe his eyes.  People began commenting, tagging friends, and sharing the video and they sold out of their first order in three weeks.  

Growing Popularity

The rapid sale of their first Universal Buddies gave the pair confidence to add new colors and graphics to their offering and their success continued to grow.  They were selling out faster than they could keep up with.  

Flash Forward

Since then They have added over 35 colors to their collection.  They have increased their product line to include the Big Buddy, which holds larger canned and bottled beverages and the Wine Buddy that holds an entire bottle of wine or liquor.

Just Two Small-Town Brothers Chasing A Dream

If you had told this pair of entrepreneurs a year ago that they would be ordering millions of can coolers, have hundreds of thousands of happy and loyal customers, and be growing at the rate they are, they would never have believed it.