Heartfelt greeting cards printed in the USA


It All Started

Cardthartic: The feeling that comes from getting strong, often long-held emotions, out into the open.  

In 1992 Founder of Cardthartic, Jodee Stevens, began the creation of her greeting card company when she learned her father was terminally ill.  When her father sadly passed away that year, the cards and personal messages penned by people who clearly shared a love for her father were beautiful, simple, and profound.  They thoroughly honored emotions and the fact that they were not written by trained writers, made the sentiments even more extraordinary.  

A Company is Born

As Jodee poured through the scores of saved sentiments, it was clear that the words would resonate with others and should be shared.  Pairing beautiful imagery with heartfelt relevant and intelligent words has been key to the success of Cardthartic.  Cards that honor emotions with depth and authenticity.  

Die-hard super-fans, which the company fondly refers to as “Cardies”, have helped to spread the word about the simple beauty of these unique cards.  The common sentiment among these super-fans is that Cardthartic cards, “say just what you would if you could”.

Flash Forward

Today, Cardthartic publishes over 700 designs, all made in America and printed with soy ink on recycled paper.  Their cards are carried by thousands of discerning retail partners across the US and Canada. They are proud and grateful to be among the top 3% of women-owned companies in the US.