Stacey Olson
Marketing Director
December 12, 2018

August 22-26, 2021 Las Vegas Market Center

Let’s face it, last year’s show season was a bit of a challenge, to say the least! As the pandemic restrictions caused retailers to close their stores temporarily and the trade shows were drastically altered, it forced us all to roll up our sleeves and find new ways to do business. Some of these newly learned and adopted methods have become welcome permanent additions to our toolbox. We have drastically upped our social media presence as well as our email marketing efforts. We have created a place to store and share our digital assets with our retailers and invested in a 3D virtual showroom that is updated twice a year. We learned to use Zoom and work with our retail partners in new and different ways and had a lot of fun doing it.

With the ever-growing availability of the vaccine and our tribal need to congregate, we are hopeful that the upcoming show seasons will bring the excitement we have all missed. No matter how amazing our beloved Road Warriors are, there are some things we cannot do. For instance, packing up the Melrose or Transpac showrooms and putting them in the trunk of our cars is an impossible feat, although many of our reps would try!

As of yet, there is just no replacement for seeing, touching, and feeling things in person. Try as we might, the technology to reach through a screen and touch something is still not here. The shows are an essential part of purchasing for more reasons than just seeing things in person. It is building and maintaining the relationships and partnerships we all treasure. The team spirit of our NEST showroom is irreplaceable. We pride ourselves on creating a fun, energetic atmosphere filled with knowledgeable reps that understand the regional needs of our retail partners. This allows us to tailor the time you choose to spend with us to serve you best.

We are not yet 100% sure of what the next show season will look like, but… we are 100% sure it will be a little closer to normal than the last one. We all look forward to meeting with you in our NEST and continuing to partner with you. Our goal is to be as invested in your business as you are.

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